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Watts Killing Your Cash Flow?

Electricity bills can murder profit margins. As a building owner or manager, you are always watching your operating costs.

What proportion of your energy bill pays for lighting your building?


 15% ?

 25% ?

 35% ?

In a typical office building in Eastern Canada, 30 to 40% of energy is consumed by lighting. Commercial and institutional buildings are similar.

Now there is good news: you can cut down on costs and increase the valuation of your property!

Energy Efficient Lighting

We will audit the energy consumption of your commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential or public building. We will then work with you to design and implement a lighting retrofit for your building, parking garage or other indoor or outdoor space.

The energy savings help to finance your project. And with lease financing, your savings start the first day.

Here are a few more examples from our project portfolio:

Schools/Institutional   Industrial   Heritage/Theatre   Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Upgrade Projects

We lowered our clients' operating costs by thousands of dollars.  Click here to email a request for consultation.


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